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Go for Nanka-mazing burgers and more at Nanka Japanese Steakhouse

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Street history: Mother Ignacia Avenue was named after Ignacia del Espiritu Santo Juco, born Filipina Chinese on 1663 in Binondo and died in Intramuros in 1748. She is a devoted sister of the Catholic Church who founded the Congregation of the RVM (Religious of the Virgin Mary) or RVM, La Cofradia de Hermanas de Religiosa de la Virgen Maria.


If you used to hang out at this place called Moomba, then I don’t think there’s any reason to get lost if you plan to visit Nanka!

Chef Mike Santos continues to wow guests at Nanka Japanese Steakhouse when it comes to all things beef and uses only the best cuts from top grade brands like Black Onyx and WX Beef, both highly renowned from Rangers Valley, a company which was founded in 1838 and continues to stand tall as one of the major power players in the Australian agricultural industry since 1839.

Choose from either a Tomahawk, Ribeye and Striploin as each one is perfectly seasoned with salt and pepper before they grill it according to your desired doneness.

He often recalls his experience at the legendary Peter Luger Steak House in New York, saying how he just can’t forget seeing those char grilled extra thick slabs of steak chops coming out from the kitchen to their table, matched with its equally famous sides. He brings that inspiration to Nanka where he wanted guests to be able to get a feel the same vibe each time they pay a visit.

But Nanka isn’t just about steaks and sushi. Before we even went down to enjoying steak, we visited a week earlier for some barchow in the form of house made Salmon Croquettas, oil based Garlic Prawn Pasta, and some of the best and most mouthwatering burgers in Manila.

Honoring the craft, taking meticulous steps to perfect it, and taking emphasis on their use of fresh ingredients combined with their mastery and skills in cooking. It all starts with your choice of meat (choose from Fish, Chicken or Angus, no less, with a good amount of fat), veggies, use of aioli and brioche buns which they all make from scratch. There were already a lot of good reviews online before trying these burgers, and just as I write this, I am craving for it yet again.

And with that, it’s time to dish, bish!

Operating Hours:

Monday to Friday, 11am to 9pm

Social Channels:

Safe Dining Protocols:

-Observes use of facial mask and shield

-Observes social distancing

-Tables are disinfected

-Cutlery well packed

-No Acrylic separators installed

Must Try Dishes:

- Salmon Croquettas

- Oysters Hollandaise

- Gambas

- Garlic Prawn Pasta

- ALL their burgers

- ALL their steaks

- Glazed Chicken Wings

Price Range:

For a decent meal at a steakhouse this good, you can def order at around Php2000-Php2500 per person which isn’t bad at all compared to some of Manila’s overpriced steakhouses.

But if you prefer their lighter fare, prices are super affordable. I’d go there for burger, pasta and drinks and I can spend only around Php700-Php1000


I can definitely remember fragments of Moomba when I was inside Nanka. No complaints though especially during the daytime since the windows make everything inside bright.

Tables and chairs looked reused definitely but it just adds to the rustic casual feel inside the venue.

Customer Service:

Skeletal force currently enforced so just be thankful that servers are there to accommodate small requests 😊


A few slots available in front of Nanka and near the front sidewalk


They make good takeouts! You can also try their Steak-At-Home Kits packed with everything you need including finishing salts, sauces and instruction guide

Bike friendly?

Yes! They offered me to park my small bike at an available area inside Nanka without disrupting other customers

Pet friendly?

No pets allowed

Open for private gatherings/functions?

Yes, just contact them but make sure you don’t exceed the allowed maximum capacity.

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