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You gata believe it: Sebastian Ice Cream x Frozen MNL's Ginataan Callection is dairy-free and vegan

Most of all, it's proudly local too!

From the same guy who brought Green Mango Sorbet with Bagoong, Sapin-Sapin Ice Cream, and Green Mango and Chili Sugar, feast your local palate for a ride down memory lane with Sebastian Ice Cream's Ginataan Collection!

This is your chance to elevate your favorite Pinoy merienda treats to a whole new and way cooler level! Imagine, all the best ingredients like corn, sweetened beans, and sweetened fruit, respectively mixed into freshly churned ice cream that's made with real coconut cream. It's not a drill gata believe it!

This is really happening and available online when you either visit their store inside Podium Mall, order on their official website, and other retail partners such as Frozen MNL.

And best of all, these are dairy-free and vegan-friendly! If you like to cool down with a local vibe, these flavors are truly worth your while.

Follow Sebastian's Ice Cream on and on Twitter @ilovesebastians and Instagram @sebastiansicecream

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