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Cold Storage Seafood relaunches with some cool views

This local frozen seafood pioneer may be armed with a new look, but they continue to stick to their values on sustainability and making sure that our country continues to get top-notch produce

Cold Storage Seafood has been championing local seafood since 1988 within the Philippines and around the world, as well as Mr. Mariano Qua's simple yet ambitious dream of bringing the best seafood from all over the world to the Philippines.

Having established Sikat Araw Trading Corporation in the late 80s, Mariano started exporting giant shrimps which used to be one of the country's top exports. Eventually, the idea of importing seafood from other parts of the world came to be and led to the beginning of the frozen seafood industry in the Philippines.

The last 20 years were not an easy feat for sure, but all their hard work and innovation has led to over 400 different products available in more than 150 groceries and supermarkets around the country and through carefully selected channels around the world.

The Cold Storage Team (from L to R): Marcos, Mariano and Morris Qua with San Juan Mayor Francis Zamora and Tessa "Sea Princess" Prieto-Valdes

“Way before everyone became aware of sustainable seafood and responsible fishing, we were already doing it. We understand it is the only way to keep a consistent supply to address the constant demand for high-quality seafood,” Cold Storage Seafood President Marco Qua pointed out. “As suppliers, it is our goal to make sure every trade partner we serve will never run out of excellent seafood options on their menu or shelves.”

Cold Storage's VP Morris Qua and President Marco Qua

Marco also has a very interesting take on Pinoys' consumption of our local seafood. “My brother Morris and I always believed in our father’s vision of making our local seafood world-class. But while people abroad were savoring the bounty of our local seas, we realized our fellow Pinoys are having a hard time enjoying seafood for different reasons,” he recalled. “Most Filipinos believe seafood is expensive, difficult to prepare, and messy. By providing export-quality seafood at a more affordable price, we hope to encourage more Pinoys to enjoy some of the best seafood from around the world in a more convenient way. We want to break the stigma on seafood and show people that it’s accessible, affordable, easy to prepare, and of course, delicious.”

From L to R: Gerry San Miguel of Dude for Food, Yen and Chuckie Dreyfus, Pepper Teehankee, Sunny Ku of Mastermind Asia, Spanky Hizon Enriquez of Let's Eat PH

From L to R: Myself with Chris Juan and Ron Mabanag of Handpicked by Ron and Chris, Cold Storage President Marco Qua, Chef Kalel Chan of Raintree Hospitality Group, Reese Rayos of The Foodie Station

From L to R: Eunice Qua, Tessa "Sea Princess" Prieto-Valdes, Salome Uy and VP Morris Qua

To keep up with the times and cater to a younger market of foodies, Cold Storage relaunches with a brand look featuring vibrant colors and designs that align to specific products.

During the relaunch event, it's not only their seafood selection that took the stage, but even their prime meat selection such as Angus Striploin Steaks and even some pre-made Chashu slices.

Aside from their Deli Counter, they also offer bottled goods (like these Salmon Fillet in Canola Oil)

Having good quality ingredients means having good food at the table too, and this is what we've seen (and tasted of course!) In collaboration with Raintree Hospitality Group, Cold Storage products were used to create mouthwatering menu just

With a new look and more opportunities to collaborate with other champions within the F&B industry, Cold Storage Seafood hopes to encourage a new breed of loyal customers, especially with the rise of younger people interested in food because of engaging and mouth-watering content on social media and the increasing awareness of the importance of sustainable practices in the seafood industry.

For more updates and seafood information, follow Cold Storage Seafood on Facebook and Instagram.

Banawe Branch

#764 Banawe Street, Quezon City

(02) 8732-3663

San Juan Branch

#216 Wilson Street, San Juan City

(02) 8571-7711

(02) 8706-6326

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