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KBBQ to the stars: CCYG Chung Choon Yeon Ga (청춘연가) in Tomas Morato

Updated: May 20, 2021

Street history: Before it became the City of Stars (where you'll be able to spot a lot of celebrities), did you know that Tomas Morato Avenue was named after a full-blooded Spanish turned Filipino businessman and politician Tomas Eduardo Bernabeu Morato? He became the first Quezon City Mayor from 1939 to 1942. The 2nd president of the Republic of the Philippines, Manuel Quezon, urged Morato to enter politics and initially became the Mayor of Calauag, before he was invited by Quezon to help build a new city, a city that would later be known as Quezon City.


Feast on unlimited grilled meats and get a chance to catch some of your favorite stars in this KBBQ place in Quezon City

I've been to a lot of Korean BBQ places, even started my old blog writing about one, but CCYG was one of the few restaurants out there that was able to 'meat' my standards. *wink*

These unprecedented times aren't stopping people for getting their KBBQ fix, and Chung Choon Yeon Ga (청i춘연가) continues to thrive and strive to be able to serve their most loyal customers and continue to support their employees as well. It's what keeps CCYG Tomas Morato owner Jose Sacramento going during these tough times as we dined with him and unveiled a lot of his interesting stories about how he started in the F&B industry and the moments that led him to making CCYG one of the favorite KBBQ restaurants in the heart of Quezon City. Even so that it's mostly being flocked by a lot of celebrities.

You can find some of your favorite artistas greeting CCYG on this page.

We at Manila Streats are quite fortunate to be able to meet people like Jose (we call him "Kuya Jose") and be inspired with what a lot of business owners have gone through when COVID-19 happened. It was all or nothing for most of them, and we're glad that he never gave up his vision of having a successful venture. The only challenge right now is keeping things together and making sure that dine-in customers stay safe and healthy whenever they visit CCYG.

And no wonder why this is as the restaurant is only a few corners away from some of the biggest broadcasting networks in the country. But it's not just the celebrities that keeps people coming back at Chung Choon Yeon Ga (청춘연가). You come in at CCYG to experience the high quality food, being served with the best people and drink shots of soju with their some grape or orange slush - a secret that we should have known earlier. Oh, and did we mention you can get this for Php499 per person?

You can expect the important elements of a typical KBBQ. Regular and special ban chan or side dishes include chapchae, marbled potatoes, kimchi, odeng tteokbokki, rice balls and even pizza; 5 types each of pork and beef; 3 types of chicken; rice; cream cheese with mozzarella dip; egg stew and seaweed soup. All these unlimited and ready for the taking.

We suggest asking for these seaweed kissed rice balls which goes perfectly with their grilled beef bulgogi. Delicious!

If it's been a while since you went out for some good KBBQ fare, visiting Chung Choon Yeon Ga (청춘연가) is definitely worth a shot. Just make sure you follow dining protocols for everyone's safety inside the restaurant.

Meantime, we have been dreaming about it lately so it won't be long for us to be back enjoying some of our favorites such Chung Choon Yeon Ga's Chung Choon Samgyupsal, Gojuchang Beef belly and Honey Galbi Chicken.

Don't forget to try their slush and soju drink! Don't be shy to ask the servers about this and get ready to be blown away.

Convinced? Check out some quick facts about Chung Choon Yeon Ga (청춘연가) Tomas Morato below.

Operating Hours:

Mondays to Sundays, 11:00AM to 10:00PM

Social Channels:

Contact details:

Landline: +63) 2 7914 0950

Mobile: (+63) 995 270 4519 or (+63) 920 450 3466.

Safe Dining Protocols:

-Observes use of facial mask and shield

-Observes social distancing

-Tables are disinfected

-No Acrylic separators installed

Price Range:


Casual dining setup

Customer Service:

Staff are happy and very approachable


Il Terrazo parking available.

Takeouts and Delivery:


Bike friendly?


Pet friendly?

No pets allowed

Open for private gatherings/functions?

With the current quarantine status in Manila, they accept a maximum of 50 pax.

You may contact (+63) 995 270 4519 or (+63) 920 450 3466.

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