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Back to #DaytimeDrinking and these massive ribs at Brotzeit Philippines

Our favorite German bar and restaurant finally unleashed the beast.

We can't stress this enough. They are just, truthfully massive. Brotzeit in The Philippines launched these items last June as Father's Day Specials, but we're crossing our fingers and wishing these babies will stay on the menu for good.

Brozeit Philippines
From the top: Ribs and Cheese Ribs, Honey Bavarian Ribs and Mediterranean Ribs

If you're looking for a great option for your next meat extravaganza, Brotzeit's ribs should be on your list. These perfectly charred and succulent cuts are given extra TLC and served in three distinct ways which will definitely excite your hungry palate. Every order also comes with scrumptious sides such as buttered corn, cheese Spätzle, roasted vegetables and crispy potato wedges.

Think of the Ribs and Cheese like a three-cheese pizza, only the crust is juicy, flavorful smoked meat. It's topped with marinara sauce, three kinds of cheese (Emmental, Parmesan, Gouda) and onion rings. It's cheesy, creamy, and gooey, and best served with an extra serving of marinara sauce. The tip is to get your hands dirty and make sure to dip it on the sauce like mozzarella sticks before you devour it (make sure those hands are clean first though, and we mean this in a good way!)

The Honey Bavarian is Brotzeit's take on a classic recipe for ribs with a sweet and garlicky flavor; baked to perfection and has an extra coating of garlic beer and barbeque-infused sauce. Beware, as it is highly addictive.

We would normally see this preparation with either fish or seafood, so the Meditteranean Ribs is another game changer. Marinated with different kinds of spices, these ribs are then topped with a refreshing mound of sweet pepper salsa for that extra kick of freshness.

While legit foodies and meat lovers couldn't really tell as to how many people can actually finish an order of these ribs (we think two hungry people can definitely finish the job). But the guys at Brotzeit think that this would is a great option for a group of around 4 to 5 people.

Needless to say, we just can't stick to suggesting one favorite flavor. The answer is to order the ribs in three ways! This includes all the same sides (buttered corn, cheese Spätzle, roasted vegetables and crispy potato wedges) plus a little extra of their three different sauces. Thanks for making it happen, Brotzeit!

While you wait, make sure to get some back ups like Brotzeit's signature appetizers and selection of beers and cocktails. We recommend the Best of Brotzeit platter with Leg ham, belly bacon, Emmental, red bell peppers, boiled eggs, pickles, cocktail onions, tomatoes, and cream cheese.

Best of Brozeit

Better yet, go on festival mode and get the Sausage Platter, complete with spicy chicken sausages, Nürnberger sausages, pork cheese sausages, Weisswurst and garlic pork sausage with sauerkraut.

Sausage Platter


If you're the type who's ready to go outdoors, you can suit up and visit any of Brotzeit's branches and dine-in safely because their staff are now fully vaccinated. Vaccinated guests can even avail dine-in benefits!

If you prefer staying at home, you can also order all these online via

Good ribs, good times!


Shangri-la Plaza Mandaluyong

Shangri-la Fort BGC

Operating Hours:

Monday to Sunday, 11am to 12am

Social Channels:

Safe Dining Protocols: Impressive!

-Observes use of facial mask and shield

-Observes social distancing

-Cutlery and plates given upon table arrival

-Acrylic separators on tables installed indoors and outdoors

-Surfaces cleaned with Aeris Active which is hospital-grade disinfection

-Small baskets for used tissue provided to prevent contamination

Must Try Dishes:

- Kasespatzle / Cheese Spatzle

- Brotzeitplatte and those Crispy Pork Knuckles

- Jagerschnitzel / Hunter Pork Cutlet

- Heisse Schokolade / thick Signature Hot Chocolate topped with whipped cream

Price Range:

500 - 1000 per person for one dish

1000 - 2000 per person with drinks


The ambiance is definitely made for the avid drinking crowd.

Customer Service:

A win! Their friendly servers are more than happy to help you with menu queries and table requests


Mall parking available


Good with takeouts but their containers are not microwaveable

Bike friendly?

Mall Bike parking available

Pet friendly?

No pets allowed

Open for private gatherings/functions?

Definitely! Just contact them but make sure you don’t exceed the allowed maximum capacity.

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