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What life should be: easy as pie, piece of cake

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Chef Aaron Lau's food venture, EAPPOC (Easy as Pie, Piece of Cake) offers one of the best Detroit-style pizzas in the metro, irresistible baked goods and more.

But before anything else, let's just relax and take a moment to enjoy looking at this majestic cheese crown to which Detroit-style pizza is famously known for.

Just EAPPOC's branding alone represents authenticity, edginess, and spunk. There's a real hipster vibe going on (and we think it very well mirrors the same hipster vibe in the real Motor City), not just in the photos you'd see on their Instagram feed, but on their current menu too.

House-cured lox and a vegan Peking duck is on the list; along with their signature EAPPOC cheese Blend and a Fortified Marinara that is more appealing than any kind of marinara we've ever had.

There's never a problem with pizza and traveling. Just pop it in the oven to bring it back to life
(although some people love their pizza cold too)

But the talk about Detroit-style pizza on a more granular level didn't make it much to the media and foodie scene here in Manila until EAPPOC came in. When the other pizza players started offering this a few years back, it was mainly focused on its difference in shape (it's square, duh) and that signature burnt cheese on the edges of the baked dough.

PEP - Assorted Pepperoni, EAPPOC Cheese Blend, Fortified Marinara

Chef Aaron's dedication to the process, using the right ingredients, getting the techniques right including the use of the right equipment such as his prized blue-steel pans (which doesn't really describe its color, rather, its composition and how to reacts to food when used for cooking) easily tells us what to do next: you'd need to try it to believe it.

Not the kind of blue steel that we were talking about, but Zoolander's look perfectly summed up our reaction after trying EAPPOC

Chef Aaron's experience starting out in the industry, being able to work at the hot line with Daniel Boulud at Bistro Moderne has been amazing for sure. But now his dedication to the craft of pizza making has set the stage for Detroit-style pizza domination here in Manila.

PEP with E.N.V.Y. (Green Hot Sauce)

If you're new to it, we suggest trying their OG Red with their EAPPOC cheese blend and fortified marinara; or PEP that's made just like the OG red with the addition of assorted pepperoni.

You gotta love how the toppings simultaneously melted to provide that distinct buttery taste without the use of actual butter on that cloud-like pizza dough underneath. While on the edges, the cheese is perfectly golden brown and crisp. It's like eating 2 pizzas with 2 distinct textures at the same time. We will not be able to describe this experience in any other way, but we would definitely like to do it over and over again. This is perfect for your next game day or night, or while binging on your favorite shows or just to satisfy that pizza craving.

Y2k Lasagna

The Y2K Lasagna is the real stuff with a surprise serving of meatballs inside. Cheesy, tomatoey and those pasta sheets held all these delicious ingredients so well, you'd give yourself a pat for getting a perfect spoonful of lasagna with every bite.

Y2K Lasagna

We will definitely try their cookies next time, but their Chocolate Brick is a must-try as well. Layers of both moist chocolate cake and sticky chocolate ganache are glued perfectly together to create this son-of-a-gun sweet treat.

Chocolate Brick

Whether you are one adventurous foodie or a vegan explorer, surely there's something genius from EAPPOC's that's ready to launch at any time soon. Keep the ideas coming, EAPPOC. Just keep it coming.

Social Channel/s:

Instagram: @eappocpizza


112 LPL Tower, Legaspi Street, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

+63 917 183 8817


Pick-up in store and same day delivery

(daily cut off at 7:30pm)

Order here:

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