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Try Wu Xing's authentic Peking duck and more at Clark Marriott Pampanga

Their dedication to authenticity and preserving traditional Chinese cuisine make the road trip from Manila simply worthwhile

If you're in search of the authentic Peking Duck up north, we suggest planning ahead and taking a trip all the way to Clark Marriott Hotel in Pampanga to have either lunch or dinner at Wu Xing Chinese Restaurant. This newest dining destination for Chinese food is strategically located within Clark Freeport Zone, one of the bustling business hubs up north of the Philippines and one that is poised to be the next big thing: a sought-after destination for entertainment, lifestyle, and tourist attractions, especially with Clark International Airport being only less than four kilometers away from the said hotel.

The Philippines has always been an easy gateway to really good Chinese food, with mostly Cantonese food on top of our list. This is what Wu Xing represents on their menu, with a menu developed and inspired by the diverse and rich regional flavors of Beijing, Shanghai, Sichuan, and Hong Kong, which makes most of their dishes truly superior yet still so familiar.

Wu Xing has open communal dining spaces and 5 private dining rooms, large and small. The lazy susans dominate the private dining areas, with the biggest one having its own powder area.

Steering the ship is Chef Raymond Yeung, an award-winning expert of Cantonese cuisine and a modern chef in his generation backed with 30 years of experience, merging complex dishes with traditional and modern flavors and combining the best of east and west food influences.

It was such a joy to meet Chef Raymond and learning from what he knows about Chinese food history, not to mention his impeccable showmanship when it comes to serving Wu Xing's prized Peking Duck, with regular stocks coming from China and using only imperial-era traditional styles of cooking that is evidently a feast for the senses.

Using only the best ingredients and traditional cooking methods using Clark Marriott's specialized equipment is key to unlocking a good Peking Duck. We got to experience this dish and served two ways: after enjoying plates of crispy duck skin, we were served with (1) duck pancakes, and later on, (2) minced duck served in "cups" using fresh Romaine lettuce. All thanks to Chef Raymond's intrinsic knowledge of the dish that is just one result from a cuisine that's developed through almost 500 years of Chinese history.

Another way of tasting his mastery in cooking styles and rich flavors is when you try Wu Xing's version of Buddha Jumps Over The Wall - a dish that's based on a local legend within the Fujian province. Considered one of the most expensive soups in the world, it is well known to be enjoyed in state dinners, among others. Using the finest of ingredients such as native chicken, dried seafood, abalone, and quail eggs, all these

are cooked slowly into this nutritious and high-standard dish that makes you feel like royalty.

Of course, we didn't miss out on other Chinese delights prepared with much expertise to the cuisine. Their Crispy Tofu with Hoisin Sauce is soft on the inside and continues to be on our main list of appetizers.

Familiar favorites also include their Honey Glazed Barbecued Pork and Roasted Pork Belly, or what is more known locally as Pork Asado and Lechon Macau, respectively. The Roasted Pork Belly reminds me of quick lunch breaks inside the busy roasting joints in Hong Kong that's best eaten with mustard and a teeny bit of sugar.

Of course, you can always choose your dim sum faves from their selection at Wu Xing. so we also tried some tasty fresh Hakao that's dipped in soy and their mild chili garlic sauce.

Steamed Pink Grouper is also in order, which is delicately prepared to perfection with Supreme Soya Sauce, hot oil, and topped with lots of scallions.

E-fu Noodles is not your typical long-life noodles, since they are cooked in Green Lobster Braised in Supreme Stock that gives a whole new perspective to eating the huge shellfish. You'll never get enough of this, and we actually went overboard by scooping the roe from inside the lobster head. This with a few spoonfuls of rice = heaven.

Look at that lobster roe!

One of our instant faves and another must try is a plate full of Wu Xing's Deep Fried Tiger Prawns with Shrimp Mousse. It's crispy, tender, salty, sweet, fresh, all in one bite.

Shrimply delish

We also got to try their unique versions of Fried Rice: the right photo has egg white, barley, pickled radish, raisins and cashews; the left photo has bits of pork and shrimp, with sweet sauce and veggies.

Rice is rice

Special mention: Wu Xing's Dessert Combination is the perfect ending to our majestic lunch, and includes a serving each of their soft and milky Steamed Cream Bun, refreshing Mango Cream, and Pomelo with Tapioca, and ultimately flaky Macau style Baked Egg Tart!

Hey, little piggy!

In Pampanga where many of its people, especially full-blooded Kapampangans have always been known to have discerning tastes when it comes to food, so it's just amazing on how Wu Xing at Clark Marriott quickly stood out of the crowd and is welcomed with open arms. With the quality of food that we ate, the impressive customer service, and Chef Raymond Yeung's consistency thanks to his knowledge and passion for his craft, we're so excited to see where they are headed.

Clark Marriott's amazing view overlooking the Zambales Mountain Ranges and Mimosa Golf Course (near their open lounge and Smoki Korean restaurant)

The plan for next time: go on a weekend staycation at the only five star hotel in Central Luzon so we can try the other dishes at Wu Xing soon!


5398 Manuel A. Roxas Highway,

Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga 2023

+63 45 5985000

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