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Wash your rainy day blues away and get big discounts at Robinsons Appliances this September

Make sure to catch their Rainy Perks promo and get up to 35% discount on selected items until September 30, 2022

Thinking of upgrading or buying a new washing machine these days? Whether it's replacing an old unit, moving to a new home, or just complaining about the weather,

Robinsons Appliances is a store to score appliances from your favorite brands and at great prices!

Kudos to the friendly staff at Robinsons Appliances Novaliches Branch!

Especially if you're based in Manila /

The Philippines, the current rainy season surely makes it a bit more difficult to wash your clothes and linens lately, which is why a lot of people are now looking to purchase their own units to conveniently clean their personals without the hassles of going out to laundry shops or even wash their clothes by hand.

Drying is even more difficult especially when there is lack of sun, which doesn't really make your clothes cleaner, but rather make them a hotbed for bacteria and mildew.

I recently took a visit to Robinsons Appliances and found great deals, and I particularly loved the latest washers and dryers from Whirlpool and just by reviewing their product features and warranty perks, surely my clothes will definitely thank me for this!

Whirlpool is one of my most trusted brands when it comes to appliances. As a matter of fact, the first appliance that I bought when I moved to another home 4 years ago was a Whirlpool microwave and I'm happy to say that it's still working like it's still brand new!

I've had some time to go through each item and as much as I wanted to get everything, there can be only one 🤪 in the meantime, except to get these Whirlpool washers and dryers at discounted prices until September 30, and I highly suggest taking the time to visit in person so you'll get the chance to take a good luck at each item and find what's perfect for you.

11kg Front Load Washer / 7kg Dryer

Optima Inverter Plus Combo Washer-Dryer from Php59,998* to Php53,998*

10.5kg Front Load Washer Sanicare Inverter Plus from Php43,998* to Php39,098*

8kg Front Load Dryer from Php27,998* to Php25,198*

15kg G Dryer from Php53,998* to Php48,598* - a fantastic addition to your home especially for those who owns bigger / heavier sizes of linen (comforters and duvets)

Of course, these are more options depending on your preferred brand and features, so make sure to visit Robinsons Appliances before their promo ends and make your next laundry time easier and (hopefully) more fun than usual!

For more updates from Robinsons Appliances, follow their social media accounts!

Instagram: @robappliances

TikTok: Robinsons Appliances

*Installment promos and payment schemes also available

*prices indicated on this article are subject to change without prior notice

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