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There's always something for everyone at Analog PH

This lifestyle store is a gold mine that offers classic and modern functional items and tools; as well as unique home and tech accessories.

Experience. Curated. These are two powerful words that you can instantly see on the left and right walls right when you enter the store. Put these two words together and it instantly becomes Analog PH's invitation to see something new, unique, and something that can spark inspiration.

Analog PH is a unique local partnership with a concept that is not just your typical digital lifestyle store. that you would rarely see in most curated digital lifestyle stores. On one side, you'll see inks and pens, journals, and stamps. On the other side, you'll find gadgets, phone accessories, and functional home and lifestyle products. It's a perfect mix of the old and new, all well-designed and all useful things and trinkets for everyday life.

There are so many great finds here, along with a range of products that we highly consider to be coined as essentials. Here you can also find high-quality germ guards, UV light wands, UV boxes for gadgets, and more.

You can get a wide variety of cute pens, calligraphy kits, and good-quality paper products. You can also find items for food and drink use: tumblers, cutlery, and accessories that complement your lifestyle.

Our most interesting discoveries though are these super fashionable and highly breathable masks and respirators that easily reflect your style and mood. We took a couple of boxes for use and after trying them, are obviously a much better option than just donning the usual surgical type masks.

(Staying home instead? MaskLab is also available to order online via Think About Tomorrow Inc. and Mission Shop PH)

Not only are there many things that you'll most likely purchase from Analog PH, as we think that many of their products are gift-worthy too! It would be nice to give/receive these cute masks, don't you think?

Such a great discovery deserves its much-needed attention, which is why we are adding Analog PH to our list of interesting stores that you should definitely visit. We would love to come back here again soon, just in time for some Christmas gift shopping!

Analog PH branches:

Level 2, Shangri-La Plaza, Mandaluyong City

R3, Rockwell Power Plant, Makati

Visit the following pages for more functional items and gift suggestions!

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