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Numbing spicy goodness await guests at Sichu Malatang

This new resto is comin' in hot at the SM Mall of Asia

The must-try hot pot place, Sichu Malatang is best described as mouthwatering, authentic, and what it’s highly known for – SPICY and HOT!

Sichu Malatang offers spicy food lovers the newest way to hot pot by introducing the restaurant’s unique dining style paired with to-die-for food authentically patterned to the dishes of the Sichuan Province.

For those who haven't tried it, or in some cases, may be intimadated trying something new, “Malatang” originated from the Sichuan Province as a form of street food where you can build and customize your bowl by picking from a spread of fresh ingredients.

With its unique style and daring levels of spice, the Sichuan way to hot pot quickly gained popularity around the world which led Sichu Malatang’s owner, Jeff Li, to bring the Malatang experience to Manila. Sichu Malatang was then first opened in 2019 in Double Dragon in Pasay, and with its success, they now opened their 2nd location in Mall of Asia to cater to more customers in the area. But with this kind of success, it won't be long before we find a new branch popping up in other parts of Manila as well.

Sichu Malatang’s dine-in experience gets a lot more exciting not only with a larger dining space, but also this unique hot pot experience that allows diners to choose their favorite ingredients, all fresh of course, and build their own bowl.

From all kinds of imported and premium local vegetables, noodles, and fish balls, to all sorts of meat – they have endless options at the restaurant’s massive chillers.

Once you get your fill of fresh assortment in your bowl, it goes to the weighing station where they will price your bowl by the gram.

The 250g bowl is perfect for solo eaters while the enormous 1-kilo bowl is good for sharing for 3.

And as for our favorite step is finally choosing your cooking style where your food if being prepared by their exclusive in-house Chinese chef using his housemade broth and sauces that require utmost skill and techniques for a perfect dish. You can choose from:

  • “Malatang” for the traditional hot pot with soup (if you're more interested in spicy numbing soups)

  • “Malaxxiangguo” for the dry pot version (basically a stir fried version, and best served with noodles or lots of rice!)

Compared to other hot pot dining experiences, Sichu Malatang is unique in a way that it lets solo eaters or grab-n-go eaters the option to enjoy authentic hot pot in a quick and fast manner. It’s perfect for lunch breaks and quick hangouts with friends and family.

Similar to how Sichu Malatang has thrilled the hearts and burned the tongues (in a good way) of hot pot fanatics with Malatang and Malaxxiangguo, they are also launching the Spicy Sichu Laksa, Sichu’s version of the well-loved Laksa done the Sichu way – SPICY!

Get to see the new way to hot pot and see for yourself just how hot things can go when you visit their newly-opened branch at The Mall Of Asia, Pasig City soon!

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