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How did the buffet setup change post COVID? Check out Fresh International Buffet at Solaire

Some city history: Palanyag / palayag, or 'point of navigation' is the word pulled out from several accounts on where Parañaque got its name. Another story tells about natives hearing the arriving Spaniards (who were about to colonize the nation at that time) hearing "Para aqui, para aqui" which meant "stop here" until the term got stuck after townspeople laughed at it that it circulated for weeks. Yes, Pinoy street chismis is as old as it gets!

As we continue with the new normal, we are happy to share that buffets are coming back in spurts, and slowly attracting customers as they adhere with the current food and health safety protocols that are being mandated on national and local levels. For most people, dining out may not be their number one choice considering that the rise of COVID cases are still quite prevalent (especially on a local level), and there's no denying that a number of new variants have been recorded which kinda makes it worse. But we aren't sharing this information to scare you. The most important thing is that we all continue to work together to prevent getting the virus, whether you are at home or engaging in outdoor activities.

And with that, we are very pleased that businesses especially in the F&B industry have seen this as a new challenge to bring something new to the table. And Fresh International Buffet which is located inside the Solaire Resort and Casino has executed safe dining in the best and most enjoyable ways possible.

With different themes on certain days of the week (such as Indian food every Thursday and Lobsters every Friday until Sunday, here's a quick list on what to expect when you are finally comfortable going out to dine in at Fresh:

1. Temperature checks and sanitation before entering both Solaire and Fresh

Guests can definitely have more confidence when it comes to entering the premises, including full body sanitation equipment as an added safety measure. Tables are clean and fresh heated plates will be given to you only when you start getting food at the stations. No more sitting plates on the counter that people usually line up for once they start to look for which food items to eat first.

2. Floor stickers that promote ease of social distancing when lining up at food stations

Start to be more conscious of the floor stickers scattered at Fresh, as they will guide you to where you should be standing to prevent getting close to other guests. Just look at how organized and responsible the guests are in this photo!

3. Packaged Food Displays

Aside from ensuring that food is safe from potential risk of contamination, it's nice to see on how Solaire presented their food in a 'market style' setup. It actually also helps a lot with preventing food wastage, doesn't it?

4. Individually packaged food items

Some items are individually packed in sealed jars and packets, which prevents people from touching serving spoons at the buffet. Such a nifty idea (and you are always sure that your food looks amazing too!)

5. All other items are available on a preorder basis

Everything on this collage of food are either given in separate plates at their respective stations; preordered items (just tell your table number when you order) and brought by servers, and other food items just being given to you so you don't get to stand a lot to get food! We assure you that everything here is good. Nothing is wasted and yes, as the restaurant is called, everything is super Fresh!

6. Last but not the least, just look at all these wonderful food!

It's not easy to take photos now because all these are enclosed in individual station barriers. Not that we're complaining. We are so into the idea and we love it!

Going on a buffet again safely after #thelongestlockdownintheworld started in the Philippines is actually an accomplishment on its own, so pat yourself on the back for staying safe and healthy while having a full and happy tummy!

Meantime, check out more details about Fresh below.

Operating Hours:

G/F Solaire Resort & Casino, 1 Asean Avenue Entertainment City 1701 Parañaque, Philippines

Social Channels:

Contact details:

(02) 7793 1894

Safe Dining Protocols:

-Observes use of facial mask and shield every time you go back and forth to the food stations

-Observes social distancing

-Tables are disinfected

Price Range:


Special Buffet Highlights!

Lunch: 12NN to 2:30PM | Dinner: 6PM to 10:30PM

Php 1,499+


Unlimited Lobsters!

Lunch: 12NN to 2:30PM | Dinner: 6PM to 10:30PM

Php 1,999+


Lobster cooked in 10 different ways!

with free-flowing champagne (DAMN THIS IS GOOD.)

includes free flowing drinks

Lunch: 12NN to 2:30PM | Dinner: 6PM to 10:30PM

Php 5,000+

VAT inc and subject to 10% SC


Super casual

Customer Service:

Hands down! We were there and felt like we are being well taken cared of


Pay Parking in Solaire is available

Takeouts and Delivery:

Not allowed

Bike friendly?

Bike parking in Solaire is available

Pet friendly?

No pets allowed

Open for private gatherings/functions?

They do have an area for private gathering. You may contact +6388888888 to inquire.

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