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Here are 5 reasons why we love Koomi

*whispers* "Watch out, they're everywhere!"

We've been there at that moment where you've probably seen them inside your neighborhood mall, but you feel that you still haven't grasped their concept. You still manage to get your regular dose of favorite tea-based drinks, but you've been pondering, contemplating even. You're feeling like you want to try something new. Oh yes, we've been there. But now we know why we love Koomi, and we think you might love it too. Here are our top 5 reasons!

Reason #1: Their brand stands out

Koomi's playful take on white, purple, and pink just exudes, along with their signature #guiltlessgoodness logo at their every store. Their branding is relevant, and there is something with their whole happy, positive vibe that honestly attracted us to try it. You can even take home their merchandise like Koomi's cute pink and purple hoodies that you can sometimes get for free i.e. whenever they open a new branch (otherwise, you can just purchase them too!)

Reason #2: Probiotics and honey!

Koomi Natural Drinking Yogurt offers a wide range of yogurt-based drinks that come in classic and unique flavor combinations! It is widely known that yogurt has many health benefits, including a better working digestive system, immune system, heart health, and weight management (you have to cut down on the sugar intake in this case though).

While Koomi doesn't stop you from choosing those sweet blended fruits and berries, they instead use fruit honey which is a better alternative to plain sugar -- which is used in, uhm, you know, those other drinks that you used to love and enjoy on a regular basis.

Reason #3: Their flavors are awesome and well-thought-of.

Wholesome fruits with yogurt, all packed in these cute cups and given 'punny' names like You're the Berry Best, Nuts About You, I'd Cashew If You Fall, and Avo Nice Day? Just reading through their menu cheers us up instantly, it's amazing!

Who loves puns? Koomi does!

Reason #4: their Yogurt Cakes

Don't be fooled, these are super yummy! Koomi launched their Waterberry Wonder Yogurt Cake is a healthy treat with layers of gluten-free almond dacquoise, refreshing watermelon, fresh yogurt, and crunchy pistachios. Their Mango Choco Moo, on the other hand, has lots of chocolate yogurt, mangos, and more chocolate on top! If you're looking for a fruity sweet treat, this is for you!

Reason #5: They're everywhere!

In the end, accessibility and making it easy for people to get their yogurt drink fix is the last reason why we love Koomi. You can basically find them anywhere, whether offline (in malls and other locations) or online (grab, foodpanda), you name it, they are there.

All you gotta do is try it! Enjoy choosing your favorite flavors at Koomi!

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