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Go healthy, go happy -- say hello to ZIG! #HealthyMadeHappy

Good mood food that's readily available in the city? Look no further.

Since the pandemic began, we've witnessed how people have gradually changed their lifestyles and chose better, if not all-natural, food choices; not just for the physical benefits (such as weight loss or gain) but also as a line of defense such as resistance to sickness.

And then there are also mood benefits to eating healthy. After all, the pandemic has made a lot of people scared and crazy this past year and counting. Everyone's mental health has been hit, and people dealing with stress have skyrocketed.

ZIG's first branch opens at Robinsons Magnolia

This is what ZIG's goal is exactly about: to provide consumers with an interesting array of salads, sushi bowls, salad pizza rolls, wraps, and drinks that make people healthy and happy. It's that simple.

Not aiming for the typical, the menu gives you an opportunity to enjoy a plethora of cuisines, and a witty take on their items too! Salads like It's a Thai, No Fig Deal, The Pesto's Yet To Come, and Let's Taco Bout it are our kind of puns! Sushi bowl craving? Try their Keep It Shrimple. You in for some salad pizza? Order the Cheese Said Yes!

Don't let that salad bowl or wrap fool you as it'll surely keep you full, energized for hours, and happy for the rest of the day!

Customizing orders is still an option, of course, especially for people with specific dietary restrictions and preferences. Or maybe you're just a picky eater? There are no walls here; everyone is welcome to try something new at ZIG!

Because healthy food choices make us beautiful inside and out.

There has been much thought given to creating a menu that is as colorful and as witty as ZIG's. Even the bright pop of yellow at their first-ever branch in Robinsons Magnolia is just a sight you couldn't miss. Don't be intimidated, because they make sure that prices are still reasonable, and you can choose the right bowl sizes depending on your appetite.

Garlic You A Lot Salad Pizza

What's good about Zig is that they don't skimp on ingredients as well as flavors! If you generally think that their salads and wraps are boring, ZIG will change your mind. Don't let that salad bowl or wrap fool you as it'll surely keep you full, energized for hours, and happy for the rest of the day!

Don't forget to take a bottle of all-natural fruit, veggie, and probiotic drinks in partnership with Pure Nectar and Happi Lab.

We're glad that Zig is here to stay, and is set to more locations in the metro soon!

Go forth and order at ZIG today!


Robinsons Magnolia, Quezon City

Operating Hours:

Monday to Sunday, 11 am to 9 pm

Social Channels:

Try our personal favorites (in no particular order because any flavor is just as delish!):

- Lemon Boost with Cayenne (WOW)

- ALL their salads

Price Range:

Please see the menu above




Mall parking available


Available in Grad and Food Panda

Pet friendly?

Depends on the branch :)

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