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It's another JETRO collab: find your favorite Japanese food, sake, and snacks at Dough & Grocer!

JETRO's collaboration with homegrown premium store Dough & Grocer will give you more reasons to love Japanese food and drinks!

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Make it a party of four or even one with the Kura One Sake Box—a selection of four canned sakes offering a diverse tasting journey. It also comes with a Sake Book so that you can learn about the drinks while enjoying them!

Experience a quick journey through the flavors of Japan with the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) teaming up with Dough & Grocer to celebrate the greatness of both homegrown and Japanese brands.

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Pickled Lake Biwa Ayu Sweetfish in oil - its faint bitterness is peculiar to ayu and makes it a perfect accompaniment with sake. Best served by lightly toasting it (you can use an oven toaster)

Dough & Grocer carries many premium Japanese food products and offers Filipinos an authentic Japanese food experience, including sake, grocery goods, and frozen seafood products.

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Tsukiji Experience during the Seafood Market Launch at Capitol Commons a few months ago

Unfortunately, due to my travels a few weeks back, I couldn't attend their Seafood Market launch at Dough and Grocer, which featured a Tsukiji Fish Market-like experience. Tsukiji Market has long been hailed as the world's largest wholesale fish and seafood market, renowned for its vibrant atmosphere and unparalleled variety of fresh catches. I'm sure it was a very nice experience for those who attended the launch!

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Unique Japanese Snacks: Marutoshi Bonito Jerky, Fukuya Mentaiko & Scallop Strings, Yuzusco Squid Tempura Snack

JETRO and Dough & Grocer continue to promote Japanese seafood through engaging activities and opportunities, contributing to the increase in demand for Japanese products and brands and enhancing public awareness of where to find premium Japanese seafood locally.

Visit Dough & Grocer Estancia Mall (Meralco Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City) for a culinary adventure that celebrates the essence of Japan's rich culinary heritage.

The “Seafood Market at Dough & Grocer” is just one of the many activities mounted by JETRO as part of the “Bringing You A Taste of Japan” campaign in the Philippines. For updates, visit


The Japan External Trade Organization, or JETRO, is a Japanese government-related organization that promotes mutual trade and investment between Japan and the rest of the world. Through its various services and activities, JETRO aims to help small—to medium-sized Japanese firms maximize their global export potential.

For more information, visit


Dough and Grocer (D&G) is a specialized food establishment offering high-quality culinary items, including premium restaurant-grade products, essential pantry items, fresh and frozen goods, and various home cooking and dining ingredients. Our objective is to elevate your culinary interests by delivering a top-notch cooking and dining experience directly to your home, prioritizing both convenience and safety. Unleash your inner food enthusiast with our diverse selection of everyday and premium meats, seafood, convenient meal options, and rare ingredients sourced locally and internationally.

Composed of a team of dedicated food enthusiasts with extensive experience across various facets of the food industry – spanning cultivation to processing, manufacturing to distribution, and retailing to food service – we possess profound knowledge and a steadfast commitment to quality throughout the supply chain.

For more information, visit

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