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'Drinks beginning to look a lot like Christmas' at The Library Café by Gourmet Farms

We're definitely feeling the holiday cheer at this cozy café that's nestled in one of Manila's most iconic landmarks

With the holidays fast approaching, The Library Café recently got creative with themed drinks that make us feel like we're kids again.

Guests can try the White Mallows Latte that's topped with toasted marshmallows and crushed white chocolate cookies, while the Choco Mallows Latte is surely a drink for both the young and the young at heart. It's a hot chocolate dream that finally happened in real life with toasted marshmallows, cookies, and an extra layer of chocolate syrup for good measure.

The cakes are also worth trying as it goes well with all their drinks, with modern classics like Sansrival that comes in Mango and Pistachio variants, Classic Chocolate Cake, and Cheesecake.

The building

The Ramon Magsaysay Building takes its history way back 1967, being recognized as one of the tallest buildings in Manila when it inaugurated and is named after the 7th president of the Philippine Republic.

Meanwhile, former President Ramon Magsaysay's legacy continues to stand tall to this day for being recognized as one of the greatest global leaders of his time, putting the country on the map with a flourishing economy; international recognition in culture and sports; and good standing in government and foreign affairs. And so in his honor, what was formed is a foundation that celebrates individuals with the same greatness of spirit through the Ramon Magsaysay Award.

The café

Neatly tucked inside Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation's Laureate Library and Museum is The Library Café by Gourmet Farms, offering good food and interesting concoctions, highlighting the best of local produce, Gourmet Farm's exclusive coffee blends and single-origin coffee selections with the use of meticulous brewing methods for your drinking pleasure. Opt to stay indoors overlooking the vast collection of books and research materials from the library, or stay outside to enjoy the picturesque views of Manila Bay.

Guests who may be feeling a little warm from the weather, not to mention Manila's traffic can do with some Iced Coffee to cool them down and keep the bad vibes at bay.

There's truly a drink for every mood. We tried the Cortado with equal shots of steamed milk and espresso which we prefer to enjoy indoors with a piece of cake and a good read.

Because the Ramon Magsaysay Building also houses a number of offices from various industries and sectors, The Library Café has also become a good alternative to fast food with healthy sandwiches and wraps to keep you energized throughout the day.

You shouldn't miss their Signature Coolers either - healthy refreshing drinks that are best served during those hot humid days.

They also serve savory plates with rice or salad and we heard that their Chicken Kiev is really good so we just had to give it a try (and yes, the rumors are true -- it's really good!)

Staying later in the afternoon while waiting for the traffic to subside is also one of our suggestions when you visit The Library Café since it's at this time when the bar officially opens and you can enjoy some afternoon cocktails while enjoying the sunset by the bay.

There's truly more in store at The Library Café at Gourmet Farms aside from offering a unique café vibe and amazing food and drink selections, so it's all the more reason to visit soon!

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