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#DaytimeDrinking Series: Brotzeit Philippines

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Street history: what used to be called Jose Rizal Boulevard was renamed during the American occupation in the Philippines sometime in the 1940 in honor of William “Bill” James Shaw. While we couldn't find any other available sources online behind this interesting bit of history, this article that we found from Esquire Philippines was very helpful.


We kick off our #DaytimeDrinking Series with our first safe drinking and dining experience at Brotzeit Philippines.

Drinking and dining out at this time has now become one of the hardest decisions you will ever make, with COVID-19 restricting everyone to be more mindful of who we meet, where we're going and when to do it. The Filipino term biglaang lakad is now a far cry from reality and e-numan also happened (a play on an online drinking session based from the Filipino word inuman).

While some are still glued to their homes and enjoying their time indoors, some are now 'brave enough' to spend time outside, all the while making sure that they stay safe and healthy. After all, we wouldn't want to be having a good time only to find out that you're sick. And we definitely don't want to be in that scenario.

Which is why Brotzeit Philippines proves to be one of our favorite dining destinations not only for their delicious European fare and favorite German beer selections, but also their strict and hospital grade safety and sanitation protocols that made us say yes to safe daytime drinking and dining!

Check out their latest video:

When we visited, we had to try their holiday menu, which are actually a combination of highlighted dishes from their main menu and a few seasonal items to enjoy during the holiday season.

We started with a hearty Wild Mushroom Soup served with slices of German style sourdough and grain bread with butter. Personally we can have this for lunch and nothing more, but we just had to try some more good stuff to maximize our dining out experience. A crispy flatbread pizza which they call Flammkuchen is topped with roasted bacon and went extremely well with our drinks.

For mains, we suggest you try their Schweinbauch Roulade which is a delicious autumn crisp pork belly with truffled mashed potatoes and roasted winter veggies; the bold flavored Bauernente, roasted duck quarter with wine braised cabbage, bread dumplings and red wine duck jus.

We admit not being able to fully appreciate their Beef Wellington which turned out to be cooked through during that time as compared to the usual medium rare doneness that it should've possessed. But we still give them a passing score on flavor as it is after all a somewhat complicated dish to achieve (at least that's what we think).

Lastly, their Pumpkin Brulee was a revalation: spiced glazed pumpkins mixed into a delicious custard and topped with cinnamon whipped cream. It's a pumpkin spice latte turned into a delicious creamy dessert!

Overall, while their food is impeccable, I cannot stress enough that I am all for their beers. Our favorite is a light fruity Lemon Radler, but they also have a sweet Mango flavored beer for which we recently tried and now we just can't get enough of.

And with that, it’s time to dish, bish!


Shangri-la Plaza Mandaluyong

Shangri-la Fort BGC

Operating Hours:

Monday to Sunday, 11am to 12am

Social Channels:

Safe Dining Protocols: Impressive!

-Observes use of facial mask and shield

-Observes social distancing

-Cutlery and plates given upon table arrival

-Acrylic separators on tables installed indoors and outdoors

-Surfaces cleaned with Aeris Active which is hospital-grade disinfection

-Small baskets for used tissue provided to prevent contamination

Must Try Dishes:

- Kasespatzle / Cheese Spatzle

- Brotzeitplatte and those Crispy Pork Knuckles

- Jagerschnitzel / Hunter Pork Cutlet

- Heisse Schokolade / thick Signature Hot Chocolate topped with whipped cream

Price Range:

500 - 1000 per person for one dish

1000 - 2000 per person with drinks


The ambiance is definitely made for the avid drinking crowd.

Customer Service:

A win! Their friendly servers are more than happy to help you with menu queries and table requests


Mall parking available


Good with takeouts but their containers are not microwaveable

Bike friendly?

Mall Bike parking available

Pet friendly?

No pets allowed

Open for private gatherings/functions?

Definitely! Just contact them but make sure you don’t exceed the allowed maximum capacity.

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