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Come on over to the south, for Christmas is in Town!

See how Alabang Town Center is taking their annual Christmas display to the next level!

If all the parties, intimate get-togethers, and twinkling lights around the metro (including EDSA and Skyway) don't give a festive spark in you, a visit to Alabang Town Center this December will have you decking the halls in no time.

Experience the magic at Alabang Town Center’s Christmas Emporium that makes us feel like going back in time! After two years of somewhat restrained merrymaking, ATC is finally unveiling its grand Christmas display, guaranteed to delight children and adults alike from all over the metro with Alabang Town Center’s immersive Christmas Emporium that is currently taking center stage at the Town Plaza this December until January 2023. This display is next level and bounds to transport us back to our childhood when everything seemed larger than life.

ATC dreams up Christmas with a full-scale Tower Orrery in motion, a rotating life-size musical box, and a unique take on a giant snow globe. These holiday ornaments do more than glitter and glow. They weave a spell of nostalgia—childhood memories and love of kindred—the way Christmas feels like a cozy blanket that swaddles itself about us.

To elevate the experience, mall-goers will also be treated to a sights and sound show, which will be capped off by ATC’s well-loved Fire in the Sky display, and a chance to take a picture with Santa after the show. Truly, Christmas is in Town—and is well worth the drive!

Witness this magical spectacle at the Town Plaza from December 4, 2022 to January 1, 2023, with the sights and sounds show on the following schedules:

  • December 10, 6PM | 7 PM | 8 PM

  • December 11, 6PM | 7 PM | 8 PM

  • December 17, 6PM | 7 PM | 8 PM | 9 PM

  • December 18, 6PM | 7 PM | 9 PM

  • December 21, 6PM | 7 PM | 8 PM

  • December 22, 6PM | 7 PM | 8 PM

  • December 23, 6PM | 7 PM | 8 PM | 9 PM

  • December 25, 6PM | 7 PM | 8 PM

  • December 30, 6PM | 7 PM | 8

  • January 1, 6PM | 7 PM | 8 PM

At Alabang Town Center, no gift is better than the presence of family and friends all wrapped up in each other. Merry Christmas and enjoy the holiday season!

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