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Chef Sau Del Rosario brings his Kapampangan roots to Manila

Le Grande and La Petit Café Fleur opens January 2021 in the heart of Makati

Street history: did you know that Barangay Poblacion is the first settlement of the City of Makati? Historic photos indicate that a short sloping road connected Makati’s Pasig waterfront to a hilltop church. This waterfront area is known today as Poblacion Park, and the church site, formerly called Buenavista Hill, is where St. Peter and Paul Church stands today. Originally built around 1620, the church on Buenavista hill, then known as San Pedro y San Pablo church, was destroyed by the British and rebuilt in 1849. See the original article here.


Chef Sau Del Rosario is opening both Le Grande Café Fleur and Le Petit Café Fleur in the next few days. But little did we know that we will be part of the action when we visited his place recently to briefly talk about his new babies.

As I sipped my coffee, enjoyed his version of cheese rolls and gazed at the beautiful ambiance at Le Petit Café Fleur, I can't help but bewilder over the fact that it only took Chef Sau's team 20 days to finish this venue.

(slide to see more photos; interiors are still up for completion for opening day)

Here are 5 facts and surprises when you visit both his new restaurant and café in Poblacion soon:

1- Le Grande Café Fleur moved from its hometown in Angeles, Pampanga to Manila.

Le Grande Café Fleur takes over the spot where Congo Grille used to be, and will feature chef's acclaimed dishes such as Truffle Macadamia Kare Kare, Sisig Paella and more. Chef Sau Del Rosario himself is a household name in The Philippines, one of the most noted advocates of Kapampangan cuisine and the only few who participated in the world-renowned San Sebastian Gastronomika in 2018.

2 - Le Petit Café Fleur is located in one of the best streets in Pobacion.

Enriquez street in Poblacion is where Le Petit Cafe Fleur currently stands. The street which is one of the quieter areas in the neighborhood, is also home to Oto - one of Asia's best bars, and Lampara which already soared as one of Manila's hottest restaurants before the pandemic happened early this year.

3 - You can find Chef Sau's famous pies at Le Petit Café Fleur

Soon, guests can enjoy a slice of his now famous Vuco Fye and Tsokolateh Heg Fye with a warm beverage on any given day; or take home some panaderya classics like this simple Cheese Roll which we enjoyed with some coffee and a side of Choc Nut.

4 - Chef Sau extends the advocacy of training people with abilities.

The pivot to adapting in these unprecedented times is what we'll be seeing more of come 2021, and we always stick to collaboration and supporting one another. Not only did Chef Sau transform what used to be known as Julyan's Coffee Spot, he also maintained one of its previous employees with abilities to continue working at his café as well.

5 - We will definitely write a follow-up post about this.

Mainly because the writer of this article is of Pampanga descent but never had the time to visit Pampanga (boo), let alone 25 Seeds and Café Fleur, and that's a shame. Shame. Shame.

I'm clearly ecstatic to get a taste of modern Kapampangan cuisine at Le Grande Cafe Fleur and Le Petit Cafe Fleur. Meantime, we'll be waiting patiently until both establishments open. Truly exciting times ahead!

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