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Bulacan-based Kakaiba Co. boasts local #VintageHome finds at reasonable prices

We're joining the movement to #SupportLocal vintage furniture.

If 2020 gave us something good, it's letting purveyors from different industries highlight and sell their products online, particularly on Instagram. 2021 is definitely an opportunity for us to look back at how shitty the previous year was while we come prepared for unexpected surprises (hoping we'll have less tragic surprises this time, please). Like us, a lot of people would probably want to revamp their personal spaces, so we checked if we can find some good interior design inspiration and vintage finds online.

And because sustainability has also been a big part in interior design (and almost everything including food and culture), vintage design continues to be on the mainstream this 2021, which provide bigger opportunities for local artisans and thrift store owners to highlight their curated collections for home decor buyers online.

Thanks to the Instagram's algorithm, it wasn't long before we discovered Kakaiba Co., a local vintage store located in Bulakan, Bulacan. They offer handpicked and designed items from wall decos, paintings, sculptures, clothing, furniture and other creative items that won't break the bank.

As a disclaimer, this is not a sponsored post, and all photos were from the Kakaiba Co. thrift store social media channels (we asked for their permission). Manila Streats is all about discovery and exploring local artisans who deserve to be heard, and we are determined to do more of these posts on our site in the coming months.

Before you choose to purchase something, Instagram furniture shopping is different: you can either comment with "mine" to buy the item for the original price, or comment "steal" to quickly purchase the item for a slightly higher price. Make sure you also read the highlights on each account complete with guidelines on ordering, modes of payment and shipping. Make sure not to get addicted though. Or maybe you will, and that's okay.

And talk about Customer Experience, because Kakaiba Co. is super quick when it comes to dealing with their customers, making them worth sharing on our site. We literally chose an item from their Instagram page and completed the transaction in less than 30 minutes from commenting, to asking for shipping details and payment. Everything was smooth and delivery was taken care of by Lalamove.

We believe that purchasing and owning vintage / pre loved items is not only kinder to the planet / eco friendly, but also makes your space as unique compared to buying mass-produced furniture in larger, commercial establishments. It also encourages to show your personality and originality with the pieces that you choose for your home. And that authenticity is what makes you unique, and what makes you stand out.

Oh, and one more thing: just make sure you disinfect your purchased items before they enter your home. Let's continue to support local thrift shops and most of all, our fellow Filipinos. Happy online vintage furniture shopping!

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