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All that glitters IS gold at Caruso Ristorante Italiano's 20th Anniversary

One of the best Italian restaurants in Manila just celebrated their 20th year and continues to age like fine wine.

You read that right - everything that glitters at Caruso is gold, most specifically, what's served on your plate.

It's really nice to know that Caruso remains to be the same charming restaurant offering authentic dishes from the various regions across Italy as they have been for the last 20 years, but to be considered one of the great Italian restaurants in Manila has never been an easy feat.

Then again, showing your passion and patriotism through food, music, and art has always been part of Caruso's owners Emilio and Evelyn Mina's DNA since the beginning, way before their eyes met and fell in love decades ago; and I think it's really that fire that keeps them going all these years. It's what made Caruso successful when it started and what makes them stay relevant until now.

Selfie with Emilio Mina

And what better way to stay relevant than to keep up with the trends, and this was how Emilio thought of offering a level of decadence in Manila that's inspired by the world famous (both as a chef and as a meme) Salt Bae himself: wrap your tomahawk steak in gold and serve it to your customers.

I'll say it up front that while edible 24k gold really has no flavor, to be served and eating food that's decorated in gold is an experience that you'll never forget.

The good news is that Caruso will still be doing a couple more dinners on a monthly basis as they continue to celebrate their 20th year in the industry.


Caruso's featured dishes in gold vary so you'll need to follow their social media accounts to check out their latest menu.

Vitello Tonnato

During the course of our fabulous lunch a few days ago, they featured some fantastic Pizzete, Veal in Tuna Sauce (amazing with bread), Homemade Ravioli, Italian Tomahawk Bistecca and their own version of Chocolate Mousse.

Ravioloni Emilliani

Everything, and everyone were dressed in gold, of course, including the restaurant's very friendly servers. It was such a sight seeing them enter the dinner hall while the famous James Bond theme song 'Goldfinger' played in the background, not to mention their skillful way of cutting steak with their golden gloves and sprinkling that salt with such showmanship.

Tomahawk Bistecca

I have been to Caruso a few times and can say that each visit was memorable, but to be able to experience this kind of unique dining is simply amazing.

I would have to say that everything on the menu was absolutely fancy and still delicious, and if I had to pick my favorite dish, it would have to be the bistecca which was still cooked rare yet perfectly tender and paired with Barolo wine.

Chocolate Mousse

I should also take note that the authenticity of the dishes not only comes from the Piedmont born Emilio's family recipes, but also by using all the right ingredients, many of which are flown from Italy.

Whether it's good Barolo wine from Nebiollo or some of the best hand picked truffles from

Alba, Emilio makes sure that he always get the best produce for all his guests which include a high-profile clientele including celebrities, patrons of the art, businessmen and diplomats.

Another thing that you should watch out for are the roster of amazing singers and musicians that are set to dazzle your evenings with multi-genre performances while you dine.

Anya Evangelista and Jonathan Badon

During our stay, for example, we were serenaded by the multi-awarded artist/tenor Jonathan Badon and featured guest soprano Anya Evangelista. Both Jonathan and Anya belted out songs from various Broadway and West End plays, Italian songs and more.

Cheers to Caruso's 20th Anniversary!

Visit Caruso Ristorante Italiano on Facebook and follow them on Instagram

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