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A tale of two passions: Finestra Italian Steakhouse in Solaire Resort & Casino

Whether you're in the mood for some cocktails or an elevated dining experience, we invite you to open the door (windows included) and unwind at one of Manila's finest Italian restaurants.

For those who have been cooped up in their homes for a really long time, it's almost too surreal to even think that there is such as thing as 'the nightlife'. Remember the times sipping drinks, dancing, and singing together like there's no tomorrow? While you continue to dream of being inside a fully-packed club (or probably never), Finestra gives you a chance to still feel like the night is young without the anxiety attack of being in an overcrowded place and worrying you might get sick in the next few days.

Take your mind off from all the city's hullabaloo to either chill at Finestra's lounge area or dine in style as you bask in Manila's finest sunset.

Don't be intimidated - everyone is welcome here, but only if you're truly ready to wear your high heels again (yes - we know you want to) along with that stylish outfit. At this stage in our lives, you should mind the 2-year gap that we "lost" during the pandemic and give yourself a chance to try either or both of these unique drinking and dining experiences.

A passion for cocktails - Momento Aperitivo

Php995+ per person, available at Finestra bar/lounge daily from 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

First of all - the price point is remarkable. Imagine three hours sipping on cocktails and wines for only Php995+ with a board of Salumi, Gnocco Fritto, Homemade pickles, and Ricotta & truffle dip.

Featured cocktails include the Giramondo, Pigafetta, and Truffle Bee's Knees; while the wine selection feature some local wines from Veneto and Farnese, such as Toso Prosecco, Bolla Soave Classico and Montepulciano d'Abruzzo.

Finestra makes it a point that the cocktails featured not only tastes good but looks good too, just as you are. Just like their Truffle Bee's Knees which is laced with a bubble of truffle-infused smoke that envelops on the sides of the glass and the surface of the drink once it pops.

Sip away your blues while the smoke subsides, and get that music playing.

You don't just choose a favorite cocktail, no, simply because there is a progression of flavors and buzz levels as you move from one drink to another. It either takes you back to the good old days and will probably make you want to get all amped up and say "Damn, finally I don't need to make my own drinks this time."

Pasta and Passion Degustation

by Executive Head Chef Alan Marchetti; Php3,888+ for a six-course dinner with amuse-bouche, wine, and dessert from their roving chocolate trolley in partnership with proudly Filipino brand Auro Chocolate

Chef Alan Marchetti dominates the other side of Finestra, opposite the lounge area, which is very near the wide-angled windows that give you a perfect view of Manila Bay especially on a good day. With a handful of freshest and a combination of locally sourced and fresh flown ingredients, he takes the stage as the maestro of his own orchestra in the heart of Finestra's elegant open kitchen.

Finestra calls the degustation 'Pasta and Passion', and takes you on a journey to the magical world of pasta. For us, it's like taking a quick trip inside Chef Alan's fresh pasta factory, where he celebrates his nana-approved techniques and passion for the craft, all while leveraging the humble yet prized Italian commodity that is pasta as we've never experienced before.

Speaking of prized commodities, guests are also welcome to enjoy Finestra's line of retail products, such as their own brand of cold-extracted olive oil made from Sicilian olives that I'd rather use for finishing/dipping rather than cooking. This is really good with the assortment of housemade bread that Solaire prepares every day at their exclusive bakery.

Chef Alan starts off our experience with some complimentary amuse-bouche that will get you ready for the courses: some miniature tarts, mousse, and pate will stimulate your appetite for what's ahead.

Like a work of art, the Farfalle took form in these dainty displays of Spirulina-based butterfly pasta, a layer of fresh Botan Ebi, edible flowers, and caviar. The magnificent play of textures and flavors on this dish will instantly give you a good reason to be more excited for the next five courses.

No, this isn't dessert yet! The Caramelle is actually made with candy-shaped stuffed pasta with all the good stuff. Here Chef Alan kept it simple with a stuffing of smoked scamorza and mozzarella, served with classic tomato and pesto sauces.

Chitarra Spaghetti comes next which is now a bit more hearty than the first two courses. With porcini, truffle zabaglione, and crispy celery, you'll get hit with that balance of freshness and earthiness that will blow your mind.

Continue our mind-blowing experience with the Ravioli, a truly artistic take on the beloved stuffed Italian pasta that's made with the freshest flavors of lobster, and seafood stock. This one not only tastes amazing, but it will also make you feel like you're eating three of the most beautiful seashells the sea has to offer.

Intermission: Chef Alan actually gave us a taste of what he considers his last meal on earth: the humble Pomodoro. For someone who has a set of hands to create some of the most magnificent dishes we can ever encounter, he prefers something simple: just a pot just fresh tomatoes simmering for hours, seasoned to perfection to balance the acidity, and a handful of herbs to intensify the flavors of the tomato is all it takes to create happiness in a plate. One bite of this dish and we instantly understood what he meant.

We admit, it is a rather carbo-loading affair, but we are sure you will enjoy Chef Alan's carefully curated menu, one spoonful and one forkful at a time.

The next course, the Cavatelli, was the meatiest of all with Toscano ragout, Parmigiano Reggiano, basil, butter, and sun-blushed tomatoes. They say that the cavatelli shape resembles a hotdog bun but to us, these looked more like a more slender type of gnocchi.

Slender, however, isn't the word that you'll use once you try this exquisite degustation. After all, it's an opportunity to celebrate pasta and everything else in between - the lifted curfew, the kids being allowed in malls, and the nightlife that you never thought would come back.

So make sure you take a break and maximize the time for the good things. Celebrate in safe spaces, surround yourself with good friends, good food, drinks, and most of all, dessert!!

Life is too short not to have dessert, and what better way to end our degustation with some sweet and citrusy action! The Tortellini is one of the best desserts that you'll have in a long time and showcases local dark chocolate from Auro, ricotta, orange glaze, and rosewater cream.

Not to mention, enjoy a few servings chocolate truffles/eclairs from their magical Chocolate Trolley and this Chocolate Dome dessert with all the fixins!

Finestra, you are simply fantastic.


Make your reservations at Finestra here:

Operating Hours:

5:30 to 10:30 PM daily


Hotel / Casino parking available

Open for private gatherings/functions?


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