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A mesmerizing take on regional Filipino cuisine await diners at Chef Tatung's private hillside home

Get your palate ready to go on a journey to the flavors of LuzViMinda

We can say that Chef and Restaurateur Myke Tatung has been on WFH mode these past few months, especially since he opened his private home in Rizal a few months ago, welcoming his guests who are willing to venture off the beaten track for an exquisite dining experience.

Truth to tell: The exact address of the destination dining place is revealed only to those who reserve. This "queer" condition has made the pandemic-born hideaway an even more popular dining destination just off the metro.

Though it is indeed tucked away very nicely where you'll come to a point and ask yourself if you're about to get lost (which I personally think should be part of the experience), the house itself is not to miss - the stairs that make you feel like entering an enchanted secret garden, a rustic gazebo, water pools, an intimate dining hall with large windows, and an alluring tea room.

Thanks to a large bodega that Chef Tatung discovered during the pandemic that contained a lot of treasured wood salvaged from an old house in Binondo, the said materials gave Chef Tatung's abode a sturdy yet cozy ambiance and designed using a combination of Muslim, Chinese and Spanish influences.

Armed with his 10-course menu that he just released this month called Nurturing Roots, he and his team of talented chefs intrinsically showcase little known ingredients to an array of amazing edible creations, all added with a dash of local history on the regions, its use of flavors and skillful preparations.

Among these dishes include his unforgettable Duck Floss Wrap inspired by the Maranao pastil, his take on the Tacloban tamales, and the Saksak Sinagol. The latter is actually a crop preparation from across the Visayas and Mindanao popular during times when rice is scarce, using ingredients like camote, etc.

I personally loved how the dishes on the menu went well together, considering that the dishes didn't just originate from one particular region, but speaks of the three largest islands (Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao).

Chef Tatung bares it all in his own personal playground and we can see that he is loving every minute of it. Experiencing his food is simply taking a deep dive into his creativity, passion for cooking, and his undying love for Philippine cuisine.

Rediscover our heritage through the Nurturing Roots menu below:


Abre Gana

Kesong Puti  at Ensalada, Torched carabao mozzarella, ampalaya salad, crab fat butter and bread


Visayan tamales, grilled corn salad

Lumpiang Freska

Heart of palm, mixed seafood, squid ink crepe


Wrap of duck floss, Maranao palapa, betel nut leaf


Inasal at Saksak Sinagol

Honey-glazed slow-roasted pork, mixed crop rice, fried garlic

Ginataang Isda

Labahita, coconut sauce, roasted squash

Sorbetes (palate cleanser)

Watermelon-calamansi sorbet


Beef shortribs ala mechada, adlai risotto, grilled mushrooms

Panghimagas Primera

Cassava, yema, quezo de bola

Panghimagas Segunda

Tablea de Cebu cake, cashew nuts, mango 

He adds his own touch to make these dishes truly special and memorable. His new menu, features entirely new recipes from his debut menu that earned raves from his dinners. This new menu will be available until October.


Chef Tatung is best known for his multimedia presence as an award-winning and best-selling author and the man behind Simpol, an online cooking show. In 2017, he earned the distinction of being the representative of the Philippines in Madrid Fusion, held in Madrid, Spain, where he also got to cook and showcase Philippine cuisine in Michelin-starred restaurants.  


His cooking is described as honest and straightforward, delicious with a touch of whimsy. The ambiance and service at his garden enclave heighten the whole destination dining experience.  

Chef Tatung's Private Dining is open from Thursdays to Sundays for lunch and dinner (reservations only)


Thursday and Friday reservations require a minimum of 6 pax. For Saturday and Sunday, no minimum required.


Main dining: 20 pax max

Private room: 8 pax max



  • 4,700++ without welcome drink

  • 6,000++ with welcome drink and wine pairing (1 Cava, 1 white wine and 1 red wine) - highly recommended!

Prices are subject to 10% service charge.


For lunch and dinner reservations, call 0956-6605913 or message @tatungsprivatedining on Facebook and Instagram.


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