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A cookbook with a heart: Simpol Kitchen Secrets by Chef Tatung Sarthou

It goes without saying that our world is changing rapidly and so does our way of eating. But while we love the convenience of just ordering food from basically anywhere, shouldn't we be catching up on our cooking skills as well by now?

Thank goodness that Chef Tatung Sarthou continues to hear the voice of both his online fans and readers. Remember how we said before that everything Chef Tatung touches, turns to gold? Well, he won the BEST IN THE WORLD in two categories for it: (1) Celebrity Chef World and (2) Easy Recipes during last year's Gourmand World Cookbook Awards held in Paris, France.

This time, he switches from being your bubbly, friendly chef who showcases his favorite recipes done in a simple way, to becoming your cooking mentor who continues to teach you the right skills the simple way too! Whether you're well into advancing your career as a professional chef, to a seasoned home cook, to a novice who has zero clue when it comes to cooking skills and techniques, we believe that Simpol Kitchen Secrets should be your bible.

Of course, launching a second book deserves a mini celebration by way of an intimate lunch with fellow foodies to which Chef Tatung's Pandan Asian Cafe was the perfect setting.

Lunch with Chef Tatung features his versions of the following dishes which he considers his favorites at Pandan Asian Cafe: Lechon Macau, Ayam Goreng, Bagoong Rice, Pag Thai, Laksa, and Kare Kare

It's amazing how a publication such as Simpol Kitchen Secrets provides us with what we call 'a cookbook with a heart' because Chef Tatung already mastered the techniques himself for your convenience which means lesser mistakes in the kitchen.

And most of all, in a world full of people with lighting speed fast instant gratification, Chef Tatung, backed by his team of talented individuals working at his company, Vertikal Books and Vertikal Creatives, teaches people to actually read physical cookbooks and not just from their phone or iPad.

Yes, just as you are successfully finishing this article. Isn't that just neat?

In pure Simpol fashion, ingredients and instructions are once again separated into proper sections to guide you to maximize your precious time in the kitchen, unlike other conventional cookbooks with recipes that seem stiff, straight out with ingredients that don't mix, and instructions that are lacking, only to find out that the results don't really look like the picture in the book (which we realized, it was kinda expected already, right?).

And it doesn't just talk about actual cooking skills and techniques either. From grocery shopping tips to using the right pot and/or pan, and even the proper knife for preparing ingredients is covered in this beautifully printed book.

Aside from the amazing photos of Chef Tatung's dishes and illustrations on its pages, one of the things we also love is the section where he shares his 'Life Lessons in Cooking', and we resonate highly with his sentiments because it's not just about literally cooking. It's about knowing what exactly goes to your food and addressing health concerns, heightening values, showing love and affection, learning how to share, a way of therapy, and a test for concentration and a boost of creativity most of all.

ALTHOUGH maybe at the moment we can say that we still lack concentration when it comes to clean up, but we'll get there, yes, we will.

Self-washing dishes? Yes please!

Simpol Kitchen Secrets was hot off the press last December 2021 and has been the #1 cookbook available in Lazada and Shoppee, which is why it was the perfect gift for the season, and all year round for that matter! You can also purchase it from his restaurants if you need it ASAP, just make sure to call them first to check if they have stocks available.

Click here or here to order, and make sure to subscribe on Simpol Simpol Channel YouTube, or follow Simpol on Facebook and Simpol on Instagram.

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